The Perfect Yogibowl

Yogibowls. If you have frequented my Instagram (@fitkenzien) then you know that I have a love affair with yogibowls. I love that they are so versatile, so colorful, and they totally satisfy this sweet tooth of mine! Although the end result on Instagram (which is NOT reality, I remind you) looks complicated and decadent, really these bowls are so simple and are my go-to for breakfast!

So, I thought I would share with you all my very basic yogi bowl, because you all need to get on this train ASAP.


2/3 cup yogurt of choice (my go to is Siggi’s, it’s the bomb and has very little sugar)

1/4cup-1/3cup granola of choice (my fav is Purely Elizabeth’s, she makes a mix with ancient grains and it is the bomb!)

Fruit of choice – I love berries, so they’re always in my bowl in some form. Other good add ins are bananas, kiwis, clementines, basically anything you want.

Nut butter drizzle – this is KEY. I use low fat yogurt, so I will add nut butter to gimme some of that healthy fat. I like to generously drizzle it over the top of my bowl 😛


And there you go! Super simple. If you make yogi bowls of your own, upload them on insta and tag me in them. Happy Weekending, babes!


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