I Made Plans and Life LOL’ed

I have always been very type A. I like schedules, concrete reasons, and plans. When I was little, I kept a notebook specifically for lists: lists of groceries, lists of summer activities, lists of books. Each list was color-coded and had a key to it. In fifth grade, was so worried that I would be … Continue reading I Made Plans and Life LOL’ed


When Treatment isn’t Enough

I had a conversation yesterday with a very dear friend, with whom I spent time in residential treatment in high school. Both of us are confidently on the road to recovery, but yesterday was a day when we felt overwhelmed and frustrated by this illness. Lately I have experienced some stressful, difficult life events, and … Continue reading When Treatment isn’t Enough

Everyday Goddesses: Kenzie Nguyen

My lovely friend Maris interviewed me about my views on strength, fitness, and being a woman. Have a look!


One thing I absolutely love about writing this blog is being able to make connections with people from all over the country (and sometimes the world!) One of these connections is Kenzie Nguyen– a twenty-one-year-old college student who is fiercely passionate about helping people love their bodies and repair their relationships with fitness and food. Kenzie enjoys almond butter, roasted veggies, hiking, and a really good cup of coffee. She hopes to become a nutritionist and to work with women struggling with eating disorders, and currently is in the process of starting up her blog about body positivity and acceptance.

Kenzie and I met after she reached out to me on  Instagram, and since then we’ve had fascinating conversations about our personal revelations, views on health, and our similar passions for writing, yoga, and helping others. I knew instantly that Kenzie was an Everyday Goddess, and I’m happy to share her interview…

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